A downloadable tutorial for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Etoys is a free programming/authoring tool designed by some of the computer field's inventive people, including the godfather of the modern computer you are using right now, Alan Kay.  

 Etoys Club is intended to be a periodical showcasing the awesome ease of use and flexibility of Etoys to the both the novice and experienced programmer through fun projects and in-depth tutorials as well as reviews of submitted projects and those found around the internet.  The goal of Etoys Club is to spread the word of high power computing that doesn't require low level headaches.

Please note that I am not the creator of Etoys, I am an artist who uses Etoys and hopes to show it's usefulness in both prototyping and final building of complex games and applications.  Etoys is maintained by the Squeakland community.  Etoys Club is not affiliated or officially endorsed by Etoys or Squeakland.

Install instructions

Download Etoys from the link below.  I recommend Etoys-To-Go variant which runs on all modern computers without need for installation.  

The tutorial is currently in production and will be updated quite frequently, if not outright daily.  The first issue is set to contain tutorials for achieving fat pixels and low-res effects from the default Etoys release, including making making personal drawing tools for pixel graphics, designing games with a retro aesthetic and achieving special effects found in many early video games that defined the look of retro.


Etoys Multimedia Authoring System (FREE)
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