Introducing Our....ahem...Avatars!

Well, after a couple of days of seemingly no progress (if you are not me and only can make judgements by what this page provides) I'm back with more, but of special note is the addition of something that I think helps the overall theme of Etoys Club and that's the addition of 3 characters that follow along with the tutorial and give their little quips and argue with each other and what not. Since the entire look is inspired by Japanese guide books, I think the inclusion of mascots like those in the Petitcom Guide make a lot of sense and serve a purpose to help people have alternate ways of thinking about things right there on the page without each viewpoint needing it's own setup paragraph; we learn about these 3 characters before any lessons begin and they tend to stay in character throughout the tutorial.  

Most of the work was coming up with their designs and then retrofitting their commentary into the pages that were already made. Since that is complete, it's back to completing pages.  This should be really nice when it's finished!  :D  

You can download the current demo of what's completed thus far which includes these 3 trouble makers along with 3 project files for etoys, including some of the artwork assets and a special version of Flappy Bird made for Etoys in about 40 minutes (including coming up with all of the graphics from scratch!) as a bonus.  

See you soon with another update!


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Feb 21, 2018
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Feb 05, 2018

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