Weekly Update: Pixel Art, House Cleaning and Bug Fixes

This week was spent ironing out assets and organizing references and so forth for the most part.  I had to do quite a bit of house cleaning on my main computer and I'm always fighting with my workspace to find a way to work for long periods without my neck hurting.  For the moment, I'm borrowing my girlfriend's chair (it has a back and mine doesn't!) which worked out pretty good. Hopefully she won't mind me using it more.

At any rate, one of the inspirations I'm 'drawing from' (punz) are classic PC98 games which were fairly high resolution but only had a palette of 16 colors to work with. Combined with their Anime Aesthetic (C), it made for really lovely visuals. In the digital part of the first issue, you meet several folks who introduce you, the 'player' to their creations. The two shown here are works in progress of the Blacksmith and the Magician.  The blacksmith creates tools with Etoys and shows you a level editor and the fully working 'fat bits' editor which is covered in-depth in the print side of things in terms of how to construct it and what not. 

Blacksmith WIP

Work in progress on a blacksmith character profile pic.

Magician WIP
Work in progress on a magician profile pic.
Coloring Test
Early test of special pixel art stuff...
PC98 Style Ending Screen
My best impression of a PC98 ending screen. :)

All the images shown have 16 colors or less and only the 'dock' image is actually complete...they will hopefully be just as enjoyable to look at as the Ending still you see there.  ;)

I also fixed the loading bug introduced last week and have updated the download to not be 45(!) megabytes.  With the change, it's more expected in the 2MB range. I also got some help with some sound issues I was having, but so far the sound is still not in there, though I have written a few short bits of BGM (using PSPSeq) which will be playedback via either OGG, MP3 or WAV unless the internal sound issues I am having get resolved (and I can have Etoys itself generate beautiful FM synthesized tunes...just like the PC98!)  

So enjoy the screenshots and the updated project file.  There's much more to come. I think once the first issue gets done and I can gage how much I *should* be putting into these, the second issue may shrink as I do want to do these quarterly and this first issue has taken quite a while, though to be fair it IS a one man show and it is not all I have going on in life (though there isn't much else to be fair!).  

Oh and also , I began doing a much better implementation of the map editor so I can use it to build the issue itself...part of the idea is what you see is made with what you get.  ;) 

One last note about pixel art...please do not read the pixeljoint.com's forums for noobs. It's a bit...how we say...pride-based it's definitions and expectations on pixels and as well, it's a wee bit ignorant on the source materials as well.  No disrespect to them, but one thing I'm quite tired of is seeing people do pixel art the hard way.  As an example, the line work for both the pieces shown were actually vector and exported as 2 color gifs with line widths of .5 pts. When my vector program spit them out, they were pretty much finished, save for a few rough spots here and there.  Either way, don't think that a requirement of making pixel art is that you have to suffer through thousands of squares being drawn one by one.  That's just absolutely silly and counter productive.

I also started a journal and time log this week to keep track both of what I'm doing, what I'm thinking, and jotting down ideas and future potential problems I might run into to think about. It'll also help me decide what to put here each week as I report to absolutely no one because no one is looking here.  ;)


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Mar 18, 2018

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