It's coming to what I like to call...GETHER.

This week was spent doing a lot of organizing of the demos and figuring out that merging all of the demos proved to be a little troublesome. I learned that at all times to treat everything like sketches until the end, even programs and Etoys project files, because sometimes, you kind of have too many 'eraser marks' on your project and it gets unnecessarily bloated as you figure out better ways to organize things. That said, I think the screenshots speak for themselves. I redesigned in the interface and now have a more structurered approach to how the final project will look.  As you can see, I leaned all the way into that 'classic PC98' style, and largely for the same reasons PC98 did it's decisions visually: pixel drawing is sloooow, so to minimize what gets updated, use some of that extra resolution for fruits and snacks and eye candy.  :) Don't worry, there's a lot to say about how to get the most out of Etoys in the writeups and really as this gets closer to being finished, I'll definitely do a probably much too detailed write up on how to 'design' movement and motion and optimize for what you want to do and how Etoys handles graphics and what makes things go faster and slower and ideas and suggestions on how the process of making your project can benefit from designing with Etoys' limitations and strengths in mind.

That said, enjoy a bunch of screenies or skip to the downloads and snag the project; everything you see is editable and explorable and functional.  :)


Etoys Club Weekly Build Alpha 4 MB
Apr 01, 2018

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