Not much to say...

But I do have a video.

Please note that saving the project broke the text box and there was already a couple of typos in there since I was just trying to get something into them to demo what the final feel will be.  You can right click 3 times on the text area where words should be and eventually you will find a text object there. Unlock it via it's menu then select the space that's in it and type anything over it and the stored text should attempt to write out itself.  Maybe not.  Who knows.  If the ticking bothers you on that particular demo, you can also turn off it's timer via the Player Scripts tool.

Enjoy!  Things are coming together a lot faster now, but also slower in some ways since I spend a lot of time making decisions now...hopefully the text style reminds people of old consoles... :p  tickticktickticktickticktick...

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Apr 08, 2018

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