Tutorials? Walkthrough? Is there a difference?

So I've gotten a 'feel' for what this is going to be like and I thought approaching tutorials as a 'walkthrough' for a game would be interesting, especially since I've already decided to make the aesthetic of the tutorials feel like a Japanese gaming periodical.  I mean, what is the difference between a walkthrough/strategy guide and a tutorial designed to show a specific outcome?  Not much from what I can tell, which makes putting this project together not only a lot easier to conceptualize, but also gives me a lot more freedom to experiment on the page a lot of the 'isms' that appear in many japanese gaming magazines (like random mascots with helpful tips that seem to be more useful than most of the 'official writeup'...one could usually just follow the little characters and be up to speed with the entire article/section instantly).  

Anyway, the colors are coming along to, I think people should subconsciously get the feel for how the colors are happening.  If you don't get it now, you'll get it at the 2nd main section of capturing artwork to use as sprites and repeating background objects.

Until then, take care.  Likely I will keep plugging away at this tomorrow.  I've got good momentum and don't want to lose it by thinking about something else like the fact I have literally 1 dollar to my name and couldn't make rent this month.



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Feb 08, 2018

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